Kevin Frost, Founder & Lead Consultant

sales at tonsai dot dev

Hello! 👋

I’m a software consultant with more than two decades of experience building solid, mission-critical systems that drive key business outcomes for smaller and (mostly) larger enterprises.

My current focus is AI Integration, but I also take on other consulting engagements as time allows. If it’s software, I can probably help.

Software Architect Who Loves To Code

Usually, I work as a technical team leader and Software Architect; however, I do still code every day, in a variety of modern languages. My pet projects prefer Postgres.

I believe in the craft of software, and I know when speed takes precedence.

Startups & Greenfield

I’m especially fond of startups and new projects. The thrill of building out the new frontiers of technology has always been a strong motivator.

For startups needing to hire after a funding event, I can help get the engineering up to speed while you hire the permanent team. And I can also help you hire that team.

Legacy & Cloud Transitions

Having worked with large, mature codebases, I am not afraid of the Legacy Dragon. Even if you’re trying to kill EOL it. Even if it’s in Perl. 🐲

I am happy to help you move products to “the Cloud,” or from it, or – more common than you think! – between cloud platforms.

Remote and Onsite

I’ve worked in remote teams, across time zones, for many years. That said, if you need key players to be onsite for the project, I’m ready to jump in a plane and come to your office.

I usually advise against this because of the added cost, but I am not a remote-only consultant.


My work history and more is on LinkedIn:

For a free consultation to discuss your Software Engineering needs, please send me an email to:

sales at tonsai dot dev

PS: discounts for Rust work! :-)