Kevin Frost, Founder & Lead Consultant

Hello! 👋

I am a software consultant with more than two decades of experience building solid, mission-critical systems that drive key business outcomes for smaller and (mostly) larger enterprises.

At this point I am mostly working on AI Integration but I am happy to take on other consulting engagements as time allows.

Software Architect Who Loves To Code

My role in an organization has typically been as a technical team leader and Software Architect, but I also love to code, especially in high-productivity languages like Go. I believe in the craft of software, and I know when speed takes precedence.

Cloud Transitions & Serverless

I am happy to help you and your organization with a move to “the Cloud,” or from it, or – more common than you’d think! – between cloud platforms.

My particular specialty is codebase migration. I can help you get your big old crazy legacy system in shape for:

I can also work as your team advocate in larger projects that may have aggressive consultants from the Big Five or the providers themselves trying to influence your decisions.

Other Technologies

Depending on your needs, I may be able to help, or tap into my network to get you the skills you need for your project to succeed.

I am comfortable with most server-side software engineering problems; and I can do full-stack Web development if the front-end is not overly complex. I can pull in a UX consultant for more complex browser and app work, but I am not an app developer in the iOS/Android sense.

If you just need someone to close your Jira tickets, I am probably on the expensive side, but it’s worth asking.

Remote and Hybrid

I have worked in remote teams, across time zones, for many years; however I am happy to come to your office as needed. I live transnationally, giving me the ability to cover a range of time zones. Depending on the engagement, I can also do hybrid and limited-time on-site contracts.


My work history and more is on LinkedIn:



E-mail: sales at tonsai dot dev