🧰 Are you ready to build?

The world needs good software, and it needs good new software most of all.

Are you ready to build it?

Build the Future

Every week, billions of dollars in funding pours into startups that are trying to make the world a better place through vision, talent, hustle and grit. Most of these products deserve a fighting chance, and yet many struggle to actually get built, with quality, in time.

The root cause is no secret: talent is rare, it’s expensive if you can find it, and the competition for people good enough to move the needle is intense. When your CTO has to start doing “C-Suite” things and build a team, velocity suffers and you risk losing the edge.

In these moments, a good contract relationship can make a world of difference. Whether it’s hands-on consulting to help you get build your team and set the right organizational direction, or simply grinding code to get you over the hump, a little expert help from outside may be just what you need.

TONSAI LLC is helping clients build the future of software, day by day and line by line.

We are a small shop – Founder Kevin Frost and a few subcontractors – and we provide the passion and dedication to product that only a small shop can. But we aim to grow, and provide you a wider range of services as you grow.

Specializing in Security, Craft of Software and AI Integration, and with extensive experience in Cloud Architecture, we can help you build if you are ready to build.

Build With Quality

Are your engineers writing efficient, idiomatic code?

Is your test coverage good enough that you know immediately if a bug is committed?

Are your packages correctly documented so you can properly on-board new talent?

Can you say with confidence what third-party libaries you depend on? Are they vendored?

Could you switch clouds if you wanted to? How quickly?

Is your C-level familiar with the threat models and the attack surface? Are these up to date?

Do you make time for adversarial testing?

If any of these questions makes you nervous, TONSAI LLC can help you get on the right track.

Build Now

While you wait, your competition is getting traction. You have the vision, you have the budget – do you have the time?

Got Series A? Hiring is hard. Bad hiring is deadly. We should talk.

Like any responsible small consultancy, we take on clients as time allows, and we do not over commit.

Heading into 2024 we are particularly interested in engagements up to six months, where we can make a significant difference within a defined scope. Onsite (T&M) available for shorter engagements.

Longer-term commitments are possible on a retainer basis.

TONSAI LLC is acceleration-positive and ready to rock & roll, with Rust, Go, Python, Postgres, OpenAI, and Cloud out of the gate.

E-mail: sales at tonsai dot dev