TONSAI LLC is a technology company specializing in AI Integration.

We also offer consulting services to help your company harness the new and unprecedented power of AI.

Ask yourself: are you ready to compete in a world where everyone is enhancing their insights and abilities with services from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google – and even Apple?

Have you audited your product, your software, your staff to see where AI will change efficiencies and cost structures?

Do your threat models include the risk of adversarial AI?

AI is not the vague future. This is happening right now, and the companies that get on board will have a huge advantage over those that don’t.

This is what TONSAI LLC can help you with.

Additional consulting areas include:

Founder and Lead Consultant Kevin Frost has been running software-development projects from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises for over 25 years.

Additional consultants can be brought in as needed.

E-mail: sales at tonsai dot dev